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     Silk Road International Ecological Industry Expo &  Green Organic Products (Zhangye)Trade Fair(here after refer to as “Zhangye Trade Fair”) is the first exposition that rely “International ecological industry”as the main body to show,has been successfully held twice.
     2019’ Silk Road International Ecological Industry Expo &  Green Organic Products (Zhangye)Trade Fair will be held in Aug.29th-Sep.1st, still in Zhangye International Exhibition Center at the same time,Vigorously promote the development of ecological tourism,in order to make the social from all walks of life have a thorough understanding of China western agricultural products,medicine,animal by-products,seed,outdoor tourism supplies and so on.The carnival will be held in the ecological industry and other series of activities.On the occasion,Ecological industry in developed countries will be invited to leaders and industry leading to visit the guidance,to bring you the ecological industry leading edge information and advanced scientific solution, share the agriculture and animal husbandry in technology, product promotion, brand building in areas such as the latest information.“Zhangye Trade Fair”total display area of 60000 square meters, attracting overseas in 15 countries and regions, domestic 31 provinces, more than thousands of enterprises to participate in the exhibition. The audience at home and abroad are more than 2000,00. The turnover of the exhibition is 51.73 million yuan, and the signing forehead is 113 million yuan, the turnover of intention invest is more than 30 million yuan.