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Transportation of Zhangye
Located in Gansu Province, Zhangye city enjoys convenient transportation. Tourists can arrive by many ways like train, bus or plane.
You can take the plane to directly reach the Zhangye airport which is close to the city center and very convenient.
There is only one railway station, Zhangye Railway Station, in the northeast of Zhangye city.
There are three bus stations in Zhangye city, so you can choose to arrive by long-distance bus.
Local transportation mainly depends on public bus and taxi, and also renting a car can be another choice.

You can take the train to directly arrive in Zhangye Railway Station, which is close to the city and very convenient.
Zhangye Railway Station
There is only one railway station located in the northeast of Zhangye city and about 8 km away from the downtown area.
It costs about RMB15 from the railway station to the downtown area by taxi, or take bus No.1 and get off at “Railway Station”stop.

Address: Zhenxi Road, Dongyuan Ganzhou District, Zhangye, Gansu
Telephone: 0936-8431804

There are three bus stations, namely Zhangye Bus Station, East Bus Station and South Bus Station and the first two stations are with a larger scale and more passengers.

(1)Zhangye Bus Station
It is also called West Bus Station and is the most important bus station in Zhangye. Buses which often pass through here are from Yinchuan, Xining and Urumqi.
Address: No. 128, West Huancheng Road, Zhangye
Telephone: 0936-8210597

(2)Zhangye East Bus Station
It is a bus station with West Bus Station as the starting stop and is very close to the city center.
Address: No.1, South Donghuan Road, Zhangye
Telephone: 0936-8214073

(3)Zhangye South Bus Station
There are buses often going to the south of Zhangye or regular buses to Xining.
Address: No. 35, Nanhuan Road, Zhangye

You can take a plane to Zhangye, but there are fewer flights in Zhangye airport which is used for military and civilian purposes.

Zhangye airport
Zhangye airport is situated in the southeast of the city and 24 kilometers away from the downtown area. It is used for both military and civilian purposes and there are fewer flights and at present direct flights from Zhangye to Lanzhou, Xi’an, Chongqiang, Guangzhou and other places have been started.
Address: Shigangdun, Ganzhou District, Zhangye, Gansu

Route: Chongqing—Lanzhou(stop) —Zhangye  
Schedule: every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Route: Guangzhou—Xi’an(stop) —Zhangye
Schedule: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Airport bus
Since there are fewer flights in Zhangye airport, basically there are buses for all flights to directly go to Zhangye downtown area.
Ticket price: RMB20/person

Tips:If you buy the plane ticket from the Electric Power Building in the downtown area or Zhangye Ticketing Center of Civil Aviation Gansu Airport Group, you can take a free bus with your single trip ticket.