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Brief introduction of Zhangye International Exhibition Center (Yushuiyuan)
      Qilian Jade Cultural Industry Park (Yushuiyuan) is an industrial base built by the Zhangye municipal party committee, the municipal government and Sunan county party committee, county government in order to accelerate the construction of “one mountain one water and one historic city, Jin Zhangye both for living and visiting“, to present the colorful strategic deployment of various advantages based on the rich jade resources in Mount Qilian and sound market demand for Qilian jade, as well as a comprehensive project combining jade industry, cultural industry and tourism industry set up by Sunan to create a new platform for transforming and stepping forward and display a new image of “ landscape of Sunan, home of Yugur”.

      Widely distributed with Qilian jade resources of large reserves and many varieties, Sunan Yugur autonomous county owns a good development prospect and it was named as “the town of Chinese ornamental stone” and “the town of Qilian jade” by Chinese Ornamental Stone Association in 2011. In 2012, Qilian Jade Cultural Industry Park (Yushuiyuan) was named as the national culture industry demonstration base by the Ministry of Culture, and at the same time it was identified and established as “Gansu Qilian Jade Research and Development Center” and “Gansu Qilian Jade Appraisal Center” by Gansu Provincial Department of Land and Resources.

      Mainly themed on Qilian jade and integrating culture, architecture, jade, rocks, green water and plants into natural landscape, Yushuiyuan is a multifunctional modernized industrial park integrated with Qilian jade processing, transaction and appreciation, combining Qilian jade culture transmission, tourism and sightseeing, leisure entertainment and as well as a demonstration park for Sunan to strengthen regional cooperation and develop enclave economy.

      Yushuiyuan is designed by the Xi'an Lide Tourism Planning and Design Institute with the total planning area of 3000 acres (2 square kilometers) and it is invested with totally 2.24 billion yuan, and scheduled to be completed by the end of 2013 with three years of construction period. It covers the construction area of 189000㎡, road area 78000㎡, square area 127000㎡, water area 428000㎡and green area 1.08 million㎡and forms “one core, one zone and five major gardens” in the space layout.

      One core: International jade culture forum area. With “the jade and the world” as the theme, it is a concentrated place for international forum, business conferences and technology training, providing jade exhibition, conference forum, academic exchanges, high-end auction, large-scale performances and other services. It covers a construction area of 31300㎡.

      One commercial zone: water rhyme commercial block. There are tourist souvenir sales, jade processing, jade handicraft carving and catering. It covers an area of 455.7 mu and construction area of 80300㎡.

Five gardens:
      Color Jade Garden: it is themed on the jade and the art with main functions of jade research and design, processing and polishing, and centralized sales, providing culture experience and product display. It covers an area of 173.4 mu.
      Red Jade Garden: it is themed on the jade and the human, including projects like jade theatre, jade literature themed pavilion, jade history corridor and jade music. It covers an area of 226.95 mu.
      Jasper Garden: it is themed on the jade and the nature and mainly focused on supporting facilities, providing catering and leisure place and the experience of jade new functions. It covers an area of 203.7 mu.
      White Jade Garden: it is themed on the jade and the love with the main function of jade love tokens fairs, wedding celebration and wedding photography, including programs such as love party and love hotel. It covers an area of 55.05 mu.
      Black Jade Garden: it is themed on the jade and Qilian, highlighting landscape features and showing the long history, unique culture and rich ethnic flavor of Yugur. It covers an area of 168.45 mu.

      After its completion, Yushuiyuan will become the largest cultural industry base in Jin Zhangye, the boutique scenic spot in the Hexi Corridor and the biggest jade distribution center in the province, not only playing a positive promoting role in transforming the economic development mode of Sunan, protecting the ecological environment of Qilian mountains, accelerating Qilian jade research and development, processing as well as sales, and driving the income increase of farmers and herdsmen, but also turning into an entrepreneurial hub to absorb the project investment, bring production factors together and allocate excellent resources and meantime a new bright spot of Jin Zhangye expanding and becoming more beautiful and suitable for both living and traveling as well as a new window displayed by Sunan for opening to the outside world and developing.