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A major line along the ancient Silk Road since ancient times, Zhangye is a key city of important trade hub and transportation center along the “One Belt One Road” corridor in China’s northwestern region that links Qinghai-Tibetan and Inner-Mongolian plateaus. With its strong agricultural bases, outstanding plowing conditions and extensive canal system, the city has become a typical oasis irrigation zone as well as the country’s top production base for commodity grain, fruit and vegetables. Home to a variety of minerals with over 30 types that have already been explored, Zhangye has a promising future for mineral developments. Besides, it possesses unparalleled natural renewable resources such as water, wind, and solar energy. In 2013 alone, a total number of 205 business attraction projects contracts were signed, covering areas like energy development, equipment manufacturing, mineral melting, processing of special agricultural products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, cultural tourism, modern services and infrastructure construction. Among these projects, 178 are under construction with an actual investment of 24.116 billion yuan in place, an increase of 107.34% compared with the previous year. The city realized a total number of 22.7 billion yuan of investment in fixed assets, a year-on-year growth of 29.32%. Through the construction of “a huge scenic zone, trading city, museum and sports ground”, Zhangye has transformed from a hub for central and western trade into a window to international trade and reform-and-opening up to the outside world.

To implement the strategic idea of “One belt one Road” and to facilitate economic and trade win-win developments along the Belt, the Zhangye municipal government, Gansu Provincial Department of Commerce, Gansu Provincial Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Gansu CCPIC (China Council for Promotion of International Trade) timely seized the development opportunities along the Belt, central Asian and West Asian countries, to host the annual event of “the Silk Road International Ecological Industry Expo Green Organic Products (Zhangye) Trade Fair (short for Zhang Ye Fair). The Fair serves as a platform for information exchange, exhibits display, business discussion and seminars. Visitors from central Asia, west Asia, Africa and Europe are invited to the Fair for business talks and purchase, a pivotal platform of trade benefiting a population of over 5 billion along the Silk Road.